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hookimbdI invite you to join me on my rants. My raves. I love life. I love people. I’m into indie music and film, photography, wildlife, nature, humanity, food, beer, travel. I loathe injustice, abuses, and myopic mindsets. I want to help make the world a better place. Leave me a comment or thirteen. Agree or disagree. Tell me off. Tell me your ideas about how we can make positive changes. Let’s meet for happy hour and draw storyboards on bar napkins. Let’s have fun!

See? I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way….

20 things about me

1. My absolute favorite food on earth is palm hearts OMG. Close ties for second are all the following: asparagus, brussels sprouts, avocados, artichokes, spinach, ginger-miso dressing, baba ghanoush, hummus, kimchi, pistachios, cashews…yeah I love food. I think I was Lebanese in a past life 😛
2.  I have been fortunate enough to play music on many stages including Hard Rock, House of Blues, festivals, and dive bars alike. However, my favorite musical activity is recording. I love to experiment, create, and follow the flow.
3. I am impatient as hell, driven, organized, and focused. No ADHD here – that’s just an excuse to get other people to do your dirty work.
4. I think one of the saddest things in life is knowing that someone got the love knocked out of them somehow. Cuz without it….what are we doing here?
5. I suck at video games. I suck at guitar hero. I suck at bowling and darts. I do very little of the above. I do however have a penchant for indie music and films, exploring, sports, roller coasters, nature, and funny shit. Life is funny. I like life.
6. I quit smoking on August 25, 2002 – WOOHOO!
7. Music that makes me wanna heave? Bruce, U2, Coldplay, country, death metal. Yuck. The daughter of that country singer. The Jonas brothers, Lionel Ritchie, Mariah, Celine, and Gloria fucking Estefan. Yes, there are more haha…
8. Also heave material – religious fucks (they’re worse than drug addicts with their obsession), noisy kids, animal abusers, know-it-alls.
9. As long as I can remember, yes, since I was a thumb-sucking little kid, I have had a constant radio station playing in my head….and I do mean every second of the day, awake or asleep, during other activities or work etc. Usually it’s original songs/instrumentals….either full band or orchestra, completely produced and mastered, as if on the radio. As a child I remember asking my mom about ‘the music in the air’….no one else seemed able to hear it and I thought that was so bizarre. I learned very young how to turn it down so I can do other stuff. I sure wish someone would hurry up and invent a program that could download all that from my brain in real time cuz I’ll never be able to record it all in my lifetime.
10. I beat the 2nd place female arm wrestler of the southeast U.S…..as a spectator, just out of curiosity, after the meet – no trophy there, ha. But that earned me an invitation to compete in the nationals, where I ‘wrestled’ my way up to getting beaten by the 7-time world champ in about 5 seconds flat! (I’m kinda proud of that, 5 seconds is a long time in the context of it.) That event was quite an experience. Plus I got to watch a girl get steroids shot into her glutes and a guy blow out a hernia right on stage, ugh. No thanks, I’ll stick to basketball ha.
11. I have so many ghost encounters that they would probably all seem made up. Plenty of witnesses too. Want me to read you a bedtime story?
12. I have never ‘cheated’ on anyone. I know, no one believes me. Except if you know me well enough.
13. I hate to shop. I hate stores. I hate lines. And no, I’m not stalking you in the parking lot, I just walk faster than you do. Move yer ass, I’ve got things to do.
14. I am allergic to Chapstick brand (I know, horrors!) – my lips turn bright red and swell up. Much quicker and cheaper and less painful than botox tho ha. Also the smell of hot sauce (only if it’s heated) – my throat closes up instantly so please warn me, thank you, or else you better know how to perform a trach on the spot. Also moringa – my tits and ass and feet turn a fiery itchy RED HELLACIOUSNESS. So if you want to torture me, there are 3 ways right here. Or else play any of the music listed above.
15. I sleep with the blanket my grandmother made me every night. Aww, I miss her.
16. When I was 28 I wrecked my bike – skidded under a car, got major road rash and knocked my lower 3 lumbar vertebrae out of place. Lucky to be alive, and even luckier to walk (limp) away from it, albeit a bloody mess. And I’ll always have those 2 herniated discs between. 6 months later I sold the bike and have only ridden a few times since. I miss it – maybe Santa will bring me a Sportster this year?
17. Interesting places I’ve had sex: on the sidewalk in front of a police station (it was dark and there were bushes ha, sneaky), a hotel balcony in Rome, a tree house, camping across the country, the beach (ok everybody has done that lotsa times but still), beside a monkey cage (who knew monkeys were such voyeurs), cars-n-trucks-n-vans…ok not all that interesting I guess…
18. Drugs I have tried: pot, speed, cocaine, blotter acid, window pane, microdot (are those type acids even around anymore, I never hear of them), angel dust (hated it!), quaaludes. Never even came close to wanting to try xtc, heroine, crack, meth, mushrooms, or anything else – I’ll stick with beer now, thanks. I have, however, been slipped a roofie or whatever it was, twice. Wtf. That was no fun at all.
19. I can’t swim and it sucks! I wish I could – I love water. But I have eustachian tube issues – so many ear infections, so much pain…not worth it, even though I would love to. I have, however, been in many bodies of water for many different reasons… 😛
20. My favorite instrument to listen to is the cello. Sometimes stops me in my tracks. Beyond beautiful.

You got a problem wit dat?

2 Responses

  1. Well, damn it. Should have read this whole thing before the quiz. I was wondering how I didn’t know about the hot sauce thing and realized it would have never, ever come up with me because I can’t handle it. I never use it, have it around or cook with it. ha.

    I did not know the blanket thing. Did you know that I have this pillow (it’s like a wad thing really) I sleep with that I have had since I was like 5? All my lovers make fun of it and the minute I get out of bed, they are holdiing it. Ha 2x’s.

    I think you did a great job here. I love your site. Hell, I love you.

  2. This was uplifting to read…thanks, I needed some smiles tonight. I agree with your music choices, I am one of those who has had the “love” knocked out of them, and I DO know how to do a trach – on the spot! Just give me a Bic and I’ll prove it…Hell, I’ve done it!! Serious!

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